TRASHAROO can be used for a emergency back pack
in the event you become stranded or need to hike out to safety...  Unlimited uses for the TRASHAROO   . . . 
...NOT Just for TRASH!

Storing your wet suit or surfing gear
Storing your muddy hunting waders/gear
Keeping children’s diapers outside the car (odor)
Hauling a light bundle of firewood/charcoal into camp
Storing your 4x4 recovery gear (straps, d-shackles, etc)
Hauling dirty sports equipment to the field
Great for RV’s, Toyhaulers and 5th Wheel Travel Trailers
Use on the back of ATV’s like Rhino’s (Side by Sides) 


Fire Departments / Search and Rescue / Forest Service / Military

Mount the bag to your existing pickup tailgate...

Great for local trail cleanup events..

River Rafters - fully contained/accessible trash storage, keeps cans from damaging inflatables..

Horse Community /Rodeo and Pack Mule/Hunters/Prospectors

Side by Side Hunters, Geode collectors, Surveyors etc.
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