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“Just wanted to say how Great the Trasharoo worked for me last week. I was at Big Bend State park out in West TX and it’s remote. No facilities so carry in and carry out everything. The Trasharoo was invaluable and was perfect for the trip. I am VERY glad I had it and will never travel without it! “ - Roger from Texas

TRASHAROO down under in Australia with Sierra Expeditions! TRASHAROO with Overland Journal owner Scott Brady TRASHAROO is a proud sponsor of
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PO BOX 177, Forest Falls  CA  92339
Dear Trasharoo-

After a year and change of beating the hell out of my 'roo, showing it off to my buddies, overloading it with beer bottles from camp, and picking up thoughtless people's ill discarded refuse along the trail, it still works as good as new. A solid built purposeful piece of my equipment, I hardly even remember the days I'd pile the trash on top of my t...ruck, liquids and extras sometimes spilling on to the roof and creating general nastiness.

This photo is from 4/22/12. After an excellent camping trip for a buddy in our group being deployed overseas soon. There's so many beer bottles in that 'roo, it was too heavy to pull out, we had to unload them one by one into the dumpster later.
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